Say YES to PEXA, Queensland.

Buying or selling
a property?

Queensland lawyers
like Gadens are
choosing PEXA.

Buying or selling
a property?

Queensland lawyers
like Gadens are
choosing PEXA.

These QLD lawyers have made the switch from paper to digital property settlements with PEXA

Find out the reasons you should be saying YES to PEXA, Queensland

Until 30 September 2020, we’re offering a half price PEXA fee for all transfers made on QLD properties to help you transition to digital. This means the transfer fee will now be $57.04 for settlements involving a single certificate of title, and $65.34 for multiple titles in the one workspace. Full terms and conditions apply.* Talk to your PEXA Practitioner Specialist for more details.

When comparing the number of workspaces in PEXA that settled in August 2019 compared to February 2019, the number is 4.2x higher. Source: PEXA Exchange data.

Our PEXA Practitioner Specialists, who are based throughout QLD, offer support to help you transition your business to PEXA. They are also trained to help you get comfortable transacting on PEXA. This is backed up by State and National support such as training, webinars, online community groups and events.

  • There are more checks and balances when settling with PEXA. You know who you’re dealing with more thorough VOI, bank cheques and documents won’t go missing and there’s validation throughout the digital process to reduce the risk of human error. Then there’s an electronic footprint – so in the unlikely event that things do go wrong, we have the capability to retrace the transaction and wherever possible, help in recovery and resolution.
  • This is why we have the Residential Seller’s Guarantee to ensure you and your clients feel more comfortable using PEXA.
  • We now have PEXA Key – a secure app that allows sellers to input their bank details, removing the need for you to rekey bank account details into the Workspace. Practitioners are also able to use the app to send buyers trust account details. This eliminates the risk of email interception.

By providing feedback on your PEXA experience or suggesting improvements on the PEXA Platform, you’re helping us make changes that will benefit all members.

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Join the Queensland lawyers who are already successfully transacting online. Nationally, PEXA now has:


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Worth of property value has been successfully transacted electronically via PEXA.


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1. The Better Together pricing offer ("Offer") is a limited time offer featuring a 50% reduction in PEXA fees for all Workspaces opened and settled via the PEXA platform from:
a. 18 November 2019 to 30 September 2020 (inclusive) in Queensland; and
b. 18 November 2019 to 30 June 2020 (inclusive) in South Australia.

2. The Offer applies to the following transactions in the role of both Incoming Proprietor and Proprietor on Title:
a. Queensland: Transfers, Priority Notices and Transmissions; and
b. South Australia: Transfers, Transmission Applications, Survivorships, Leases and Surrenders of Lease.

3. The offer applies irrespective of where the law firm or conveyancing practice is located.

4. PEXA reserves the right to cease, extend or alter the offer at any time.