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PEXA has revolutionised the way property is exchanged in Australia. Since 2014, more than 7.2 million transactions have occurred via PEXA, and today, more than 75% per cent of all property transfer settlements in Australia are handled on the PEXA platform – and the figure continues to grow as more States and Territories transition to digital conveyancing.

Due to its scale of national adoption, PEXA has access to a range of timely data sets relating to property purchasing, selling and financing behaviour, and has progressed internal restructuring to be able to analyse, identify and share trends within the sector.

Increasing the amount of property trend data made available to the industry, policy decision makers, and the wider community delivers the following benefits:

  1. Improves transparency and accountability across the sector to strengthen its resilience
  2. Supports evidence-based policy development
  3. Provides a platform for innovation and growth
  4. Supports competition in lending, making it easier for borrowers to switch to get the best deal.

Property and Mortgage Insights report

In October 2020, the PEXA Insights team released its inaugural Property and Mortgage Insights (PMI) report. This report aims to provide a comprehensive view of property settlements in Australia, for both property sales and refinances. It also highlights mortgage trends, such as growth in lending, and the performance of major and non-major lenders for new mortgages and refinances.

Reports are published frequently throughout the year, covering the five mainland states New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Where possible, the report will include forecasts of where property trends may head in the near future.

See latest Property and Mortgage Insights report

Pre-Settlement Indicator

Our weekly Pre-settlement Indicator (PSI) report provides you with insights into imminent settlement activity at a state and national level.

Pre-settlement activity on the PEXA platform gives us access to unique data on upcoming property settlements. Using this, we’ve created the Pre-Settlement Indicator report to outline the trends in sales and refinance settlements.

This activity allows us to capture the current health of the Australian property market, segmented by geography and settlement type. 

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PEXA’s principles for safe and secure data management

PEXA will only share information in accordance with its statutory and contractual obligations – including the Model Operating RequirementsParticipation Agreements, Operating Agreements and applicable privacy laws.

All publicly available data and information will be aggregated and de-identified. Where de-identified information is to be shared, PEXA will ensure that once de-identified, information won’t be able to be re-identified, or reverse engineered to identify an individual.

Further information is included within PEXA’s privacy policy. 

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