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Refinance Index

Total refinances in FY21

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    101,203 (+15.2% year-on-year)

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    106,048 (+3.6% year-on-year)

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    48,768 (+12.4% year-on-year)

PEXA’s Refinance Index provides timely insights into property refinancing in Australia.

The interactive tool uses PEXA's comprehensive data to show market performance and highlight where growth is occurring.

Insights into refinance volumes and value are available at a national level and for NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA.

Check the Refinance Index every Tuesday when the previous week's results will be added.

Refinance Index

Property and Mortgage Insights report

PEXA’s Property and Mortgage Insights (PMI) report provides a comprehensive view of property settlements in Australia. It also highlights mortgage trends, such as growth in lending and the performance of lenders.

The PMI report leverages the unique and timely data captured in the PEXA digital property exchange. The report is published quarterly, highlighting key trends as they emerge, and delivering a new perspective on the health of the Australian property market.

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Secure data management

PEXA’s principles for safe and secure data management

PEXA will only share information in accordance with its statutory and contractual obligations – including the Model Operating RequirementsParticipation Agreements, Operating Agreements and applicable privacy laws.

All publicly available data and information will be aggregated and de-identified. Where de-identified information is to be shared, PEXA will ensure that once de-identified, information won’t be able to be re-identified, or reverse engineered to identify an individual.

Further information is included within PEXA’s privacy policy. 


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