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Bankwest push the boundaries of e-Conveyancing

Bankwest push the boundaries of e-Conveyancing

With the aim of reaching 100% digital, Bankwest takes e-Conveyancing to the next level

David Morrissey, Executive Manager Digital Operations, sits down with PEXA to discuss Bankwest’s recent e-Conveyancing first, why the strategy is to choose digital over paper wherever possible and how industry communication is improving.


Pioneering change

In an e-Conveyancing first, Bankwest lodged a mortgage over two land titles.

What made it unlike other transactions is that it contained an unencumbered property being used as security for the new mortgage, resulting in the mortgage being lodged over two titles in one Workspace.  

Thanks to the collaboration between CS Legal, St. James Conveyancing, CBA and Bankwest, we were able to successfully complete this unique online settlement, allowing Bankwest to continue building on its 1,000-plus online transactions.

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The secret to high online volume

One of our approaches to increasing our online volume is not waiting for invites to be sent to us. If we notice that a transaction could be completed online, we are proactive and contact the practitioners involved.

Our goal is to transact online whenever possible and the only way to do so is by forming strong relationships with our practitioner network and to stretch the boundaries of PEXA, paving the way for our industry and knocking down barriers to the digital world.

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Practitioner – Financial Institution relationships

The introduction of PEXA has opened up the lines of communication and improved the
practitioner – financial institution relationship significantly.

We are all new to our industries digitisation and need to support each other throughout the process. 


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