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Industry collaboration in WA

Industry collaboration in WA

Western Australia's conveyancing stakeholders met for the 2nd industry symposium.

Western Australia’s conveyancing stakeholders came together to run the 2nd industry symposium ahead of the 1 May transformation date.

Thirty attendees, including financial institutions, lawyers, conveyancers and government representatives met to discuss how to optimise digital processes in preparation for the state’s upcoming digital transition.

The event was particularly timely ahead of the upcoming compliance date, when all combinations of transfer transactions shift online.

The need for businesses to provide peer-to-peer support and work with colleagues to ensure operational fluency was a central point of focus.

Meanwhile workspace conversations, documents, settlement figures and invitations were platform features discussed in the forum.

Sarah McDonald of Safety Bay Settlements was in attendance and she felt the event was an informative day for all in the e-Conveyancing ecosystem.

“It was great to see the various parties working in unison for the benefit of the Western Australian conveyancing industry.

“Progressing together to meet the conditions of the timeframes ahead of us is key to moving forward as an industry,” McDonald said.

While the period ahead is likely to be intensive, McDonald said the clarity and cohesion fostered at these industry events are pivotal.

“The upcoming changes will undoubtedly keep conveyancers busy as we prepare our businesses, but functions like this are very helpful in becoming digitally ready.”

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