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This Digital Life is a monthly podcast focussing on the transformation of our industry through digital innovation. Host Luke Buesnel interviews business futurists, political leaders and property industry experts to help you understand the new business frontier and how you can adapt to it.

Episode 2 - Lindsay Tanner and John Brumby: e-Conveyancing a vital initiative for COAG

Lindsay Tanner and John Brumby: e-Conveyancing a vital initiative for COAG

April 2017

Podcast host Luke Buesnel interviews former federal Finance Minister, Lindsay Tanner, who was COAG Business Regulation and Competition Working Group lead. Mr Tanner explained his long-held belief that governments must invest in innovation and how this formed the cornerstone of the Rudd Government’s decision to pursue online property transactions.

Luke also interviews former Victorian Premier, John Brumby, who was COAG Chair at the time of this reform. Mr Brumby detailed why all state and territory governments agreed to an e-Conveyancing initiative (a rarity in COAG history) and the positive benefits it will have to the industry.

Episode 1 - Digital innovation: adapt or die

Digital innovation: adapt or die

March 2017

Podcast host Luke Buesnel interviews former Tasmania Premier and digital futures expert, David Bartlett, about our digital future, how business is changing and the importance of business adapting to innovations (or risk becoming the next Blockbuster). Luke also interviews Macpherson Kelley Lawyer, Sebastian Renato, who has led their transformation to online property transactions. Sebastian explains how the change was conducted and what results e-Conveyancing has delivered to Macpherson Kelley and their clients.

Notes: Interviewee David Bartlett mentions digital innovations need to be a two-way-system of communication and knowledge sharing. PEXA provides Australian legal and conveyancing firms with a free facility to achieve this through customer-facing app SettleMe. PEXA lawyers and conveyancers can offer this app to their customers, allowing them to gain valuable and timely insights into the sale or purchase of their property.

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